woman on scales.
Fed up of going clothes shopping because nothing ever fits properly?

.Feel like you are constantly on a diet but never lose any weight?

Dread the thought of putting on your summer clothes as you know you’ll feel frumpy & wobbly?

It doesn’t have to be like this!!!


  • Walking into a changing room armed with clothes, trying them on and having to swap them for a SMALLER SIZE! …………………………………………………………………………………
  • Walking to the beach on the first morning of your holiday looking & feeling stunning and CONFIDENT in your new bikini & sarong! ………………………………………………………
  • Getting ready for a night out not knowing what you are going to wear NOT because nothing fits BUT because you have SIX different outfits to choose from that all fit perfectly and you feel slim and glamorous in! ………………………………………………………….
  • Waking up every morning feeling fitter, stronger, healthier, full of energy and PROUD OF YOUR BODY!!!

Let me show you why what you’ve already tried didn’t get you the body you’re after and show you how to get the body you deserve!

Like you, I am sick and tired of all the myths, lies and conflicting advice on health and nutrition that’s given out on a daily basis so it’s no wonder people don’t know if they’re coming or going!

And to be honest, if you are totally confused then I’m not surprised as I think most people are! Everyone is trying to sell you something so it seems they will tell you anything to get you to buy it…


“Eat what you like except on a Wednesday” “6 Minute Abs” Extreme Calorie Restriction, Diet Pills, Shakes, Bars… The list is endless!

Faddy diets, hours of exercising and starvation DO NOT WORK!

Let me show you how to adapt your lifestyle to a healthier, happier one with a simple, easy to follow plan that will speed up your metabolism and work LONG TERM!

First things first…

Our Body Transformation Bootcamp IS NOT FOR YOU IF:

  • You want want to jog around a field for hours on end pulling sand bags / tyres until you’ve got the worst backache ever! (only going to cause you injuries in the long run)
  • You enjoy a ‘‘Sargent Major’ instructor shouting and screaming at you, making you feel stupid for  even thinking you could keep up (are you insane!)
  • You want to spend the next month starving hungry living on lettuce leaves and low fat shakes (YUK)

If you enjoy the above then forget our program – you’ll hate it so no point in reading on…


  • If you want an exercise plan where you can work at your own pace to improve your fitness level, speed up your metabolism and LOSE WEIGHT!
  • If you want an instructor to get you motivated, work you hard, push you within your capabilities to get you looking and feeling fitter than you thought possible!
  • If you want to exercise in a FUN environment where everyone is working together, feeling encouraged and PROUD of their achievements!
  • If you want to eat REAL FOOD, to be able to eat whenever you are hungry and to enjoy how amazing it feels to discover healthier lifestyle habits!

Then congratulations!
You’ve found the perfect program for you!!!

Your journey over the next few weeks is going to be life changing and very very exciting!!!

Read on…

Yvonne Lane Before & After

Our Body Transformation Bootcamp isn’t just about losing as much weight or inches as you want, it’s about SO MUCH MORE than that…

We want you to achieve your own personal goals which could be anything from:

“To have more energy to play with my kids”

“To lose a total of 20 inches & 1 stone”

“To be able to go out without feeling self-conscious
about what I look like”

“To reduce my thighs & bum from a size 14 to a size 12 jeans”

 Libby Aldridge Before & After

You can be a clothes size 6 or a size 26 right now, as long as you want to ‘transform yourself’ in either mind or body (or both) then we want you to take part!!!

We like to keep things simple. So…

1. Your first class is FREE!

We are very confident that you will find our sessions a fun and friendly challenge. They will improve your stamina, strength and fitness levels and completely transform your health & happiness as well as your body! So we are very happy to give you your first session completely free as we know you’ll be begging for more!!!

2. Just £35 per month – that’s just £8 per week!

Once we’ve shown you just how much fun our sessions are and you can’t wait to come back for more, you pay just £35 per month for unlimited sessions at any of our Bootcamp locations. No ‘tie-in’, no minimum number of months, you can come for one month or stay for 5 years and the price will remain £35 per month – that’s just £8 per week!

3. PLUS… Unlimited sessions at any of our ‘Fun and Fit’ Fitness Classes

We have a whole range of other Fitness Classes that you can come to for your £35 as well, including: Insanity, Aerobics, Simply Dance, Yoga-Pilates, Latino Fit and more!!!

That’s over 40 sessions a week to choose from for just £8 per week!!!


Click here for the list of Bootcamp sessions: BOOTCAMP SESSIONS

Click here for the list of Fun and Fit sessions: FUN AND FIT FITNESS CLASSES

To get yourself booked up click here: BOOK NOW 


In addition…You also have the option to include at any time:

  • 1 hour Private Food Intolerance test ………………

By Deborah Qualified Food Allergy Tester (Dip AIT) & qualified Naturopathic Nutritionists (Dip NNP)

food-allergy-wheelFood allergies & intolerances are directly linked to your bodies immune system. Bloated, headaches, upset stomach, skin problems are often related to food intolerances and can hold you back from your weight loss goals. Deborah will test your bodies reaction to over 100 foods including some environmental substances and you will also be tested for deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. Check out Deborah’s website here: Food Intolerance Testing

The Food intolerance test is an additional £30
To add a food intolerance test click here: Food Intolerance Test Bookings

As well as transforming your body, health & fitness you are going to have soooooo much fun along the way!

Give our Body Transformation Bootcamp 100% and in return you’ll feel fitter, healthier, more confident, proud of your body, full of energy & dying to show your brand new body off to the world!


We are very confident that you will find our sessions a fun and friendly challenge. They will improve your stamina, strength and fitness levels and completely transform your health & happiness as well as your body! So we are very happy to give you your first session completely free as we know you’ll be begging for more!!! It will take just 2 minutes to complete our quick health questionnaire & book your free session by clicking on the big ‘Book Now’ button below:



Would you like to look like this in your holiday photos…?

But are you looking more like this…

Then you need us! Just ask Marti…

“I know I’ve emailed and thanked you before for your excellent Bootcamp program, but I have just been going through the pictures from mine & hubby’s mini-break this week and nearly didn’t recognise myself!! I’m used to getting back from holiday and looking through the pictures with hands over my eyes thinking ‘oh my god I can’t believe that’s what I look like!’ but for the first time ever I thought ‘oh not too shabby!’

Then I thought I’d compare a couple of them to my first pictures I sent you at the end of February…and I was shocked at the difference!! (I’ve attached a couple of them to show you how well your program has worked for me!)

I haven’t really been paying attention to my weight and measurements anymore…I’ve just been working hard during sessions and pretty much following a week 4 plan (with treats at weekends)…I have noticed clothes getting looser and feeling better about myself, but seeing these photo’s has given me such a confidence boost!! I LOVE BOOTCAMP and I never want to stop doing your sessions!!! And it’s amazing how I don’t even have to think about or plan what I’m eating anymore…quite simply, if it isn’t on the Bootcamp shopping list it doesn’t go in my basket!

Thank you again and again, I’m a Bootcamper for life now!!!”

Martine Partridge, SWF


I received this email from Nova on ‘day 7? 

“Is this possible total of 14 inches over the whole body lost!!!!!!! Yikes and 4lb in weight….. I can’t believe it!!!!  Thank you thank you thank you xx”

So I replied:

“That’s fantastic Nova!!! Yes it’s definitely possible so massive well done to you!!!
Keep up the hard work & the inches will keep coming off – just think, we’ve got 3 more weeks of fat blasting to go…!!!
Bring on week 2!
Vicky x”

I then woke up on day Day 10 to this email from Nova and it made my day…  

“Thanks Vicky. I’m actually sitting here kind of lost on my non bootcamp days! (apart from Britains got Talent of course…lol).

I was going to email you actually as I just want to add to you what I said to Neil Monday, this is totally changing my life – never ever have I ever felt as good as I am feeling, not only in myself but mentally too and my whole energy levels have lifted, my attitude to life and food, and it’s only been a week.

I’m excited about each week to go, I’m plugging it everywhere I go and I’m getting addicted to the results.

Thank you so far and many more smiles and thanks coming from me I’m sure.

Nova x”Before & After Debi McGrory x2

“Joining the Wickford bootcamp is the best thing I have ever done !!

I have done many diets, hit the gym and done every single exercise class you can imagine, I can honestly say Bootcamp is fantastic !! You will not get a workout at any gym or class as you do at Bootcamp, its 45 minutes of intense exercise but I can promise you the feeling once you have finished is great and the classes, well for me have become very addicted and so enjoyable.

Personally if you find exercise and diet that you enjoy its a winner and thats what Bootcamp is a winner for losing weight, toning up and upping your energy levels….I lost 10lbs and 14inches all over on my first 4 week session, So I am over the moon and look forward to the next course and the next….

Massive thank you to Vicky and Adam for their support and making it so easy and enjoyable to make me start feeling good about myself again”

Kelly Hanks, WickfordBefore & After Donna Barney 28 days

Come and join a fun and friendly group of people who just like you want to change their bodies and learn how to stay fit and healthy on the inside and outside for life!

Book your FREE Taster Session NOW & discover just how much fun it can be to get the body you’ve always been after: